The Lumiense Group

"Stratafied"(tm) is the designation for the set of technologies Lumiense Photonics has developed to permit the stacking and bonding of multiple semiconductor wafers containing either photodiode arrays or image acquisition and control circuitry.  Further, a Stratafied assembly can include dichroic filters between the wafers to improve spectral band separation over the absorption characteristics of the semiconductor materials.  In addition, because the top photodiode layer is free from circuitry and metallizations an efficient anti-reflectance coating can be applied to the input surface.  Finally, a dichroic mirror below the last photodiode plane can completely block light from entering the circuit layer to produce a global shutter structure with an extremely high extinction ratio.

To facilitate development of products tailored for specific applications, Lumiense has formed a series of companies and licensed its technologies to each to concentrate efforts of various teams on well-defined market areas.

Lumiense Photonics

Lumiense Photonics was founded nearly 20 years ago to develop a new technology that permits stacking of photodiodes in image sensors for improved multispectral imaging.  This technology is covered by a set of patents and is now in the final stages of preparation for production release.

Imagica Technology

Imagica Technology licensed part of the Lumiense patent portfolio to support development of HDR image sensors with high quantum efficiency and very efficient global shutters.  The first products with these features are due for release soon.

Metrio Sensors

Metrio Sensors concentrates on implementation of layered structures for use in solid-state LiDAR and ambient light measurement.  A brief video describing the LiDAR concept is available here.

Dark Energy

Lumiense layered structures offer opportunities to make devices other than visible image sensors.  Dark Energy is using the technology to make a low-cost thermal imager that requires only standard CMOS processes.


The Lumiense Stratafied wafer-stacking processes require equipment not available in some fabrication facilities.  In order to assure continuity of supply, Lumiense established Stratafire to obtain and install the the appropriate extra equipment in cooperating facilities as necessary.

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