Maxwell-Hiqe and the Lumiense Group

Maxwell-Hiqe markets image sensor products and technologies developed by Lumiense Photonics and offered by its associated companies:

Imagica Technology, Metrio Sensors, Dark Energy and Stratafire Semiconductor.  

First Products

The first products from the Lumiense Group are offered by Imagica Technology, which concentrates on monochrome imaging devices for industrial, office and scientific applications.

CMOS Line Scan Imagers

Available with sealed or temporary windows

These line scan imagers are available in two configurations.  The ITR series is designed for direct replacement of several models of discontinued Sony CCD line sensors.  The ITL series has a different pinout but offers clock speeds up to 20 MHz for industrial scanning. 


CMOS Contact Image Sensor

100 to 1200 dpi switchable, 5000 die per wafer

The ITC-576 is a small die with 576 pixels with a maximum resolution of 1200 dpi.  Lower resolution settings of 600, 400, 300, 200 and 100 dpi may be electronically-selected.  Clock rates to 50 MHz are supported.

This product is offered as full wafers, and modules with one or sixteen die.

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