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What to do if you run out of Sony ILX devices

For many years, Sony produced line CCDs widely used in spectrometers, bar code scanners, document scanners and a variety of other instruments.  Then, in April 2015, Sony released in final discontinuation schedule for all of its CCD sensors.  Specifically, Sony announced that customers must reserve quantities buy the end of 2015 so they could make all requested quantities before they closed the wafer line at the end of 2017.  Orders for those reserved parts must be submitted this year and all deliveries must be completed in 2020. 

Because these devices were so widely used, Imagica undertook to determine if the demand would outlast the supply.  Since this looked very likely, Imagica undertook to make replacements using CMOS technology that would be optically, physically and electrically compatible with a variety of the ILX devices with 14 micron pitch.  Three devices are now available as shown in the table to the right, which will replace four Sony types, and shipments have begun.Row

These devices will plug directly into Sony sockets but there are some differences due to the differences between CCD and CMOS process.  Reading the data sheets to understand these differences before making a commitment to substitute Imagica for Sony is essential.  From Imagica's testing of several existing sensor boards, it is clear that many of the electronic designs do not follow the Sony timing requirements.  While the new Imagica devices are somewhat tolerant of deviations, they tolerance is not the same as the tolerance of the Sony devices so the character of the deviation from the Sony timing specification may affect operation.

There are also performance differences: these are detailed in each of the data sheets.  Generally, the Imagica devices are faster, have more response in the near infrared and are far more resistant to saturation difficulties. 

In addition, Imagica can provide devices with temporary windows to preclude the need to remove cemented-on windows when access to the sensor chip is needed for phosphor coating or fiber optic attachment.

We are happy to provide additional details on the operations of these device and provide samples as needed.

Available Devices

Replacement Table

Sony P/NImagica P/N


Faster Devices

Devices with the same pixel sizes are available with clock rates to 20 MHz.  See the ITL-2048 page.