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Metrio Sensors, Incorporated, is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance sensors that utilize proprietary technology licensed from Lumiense Photonics and from a variety of CMOS fabrication processes.

Metrio specializes in out-of-the-ordinary sensors that can benefit in cost and performance from the incorporation of the Lumiense technologies.  if you have a odd sensor you have always needed but that no one makes, please describe it to us. Metrio may be able to help.

First products from Metrio will be available in 2020.  To be notified of their progress, please fill out our contact form.

Upcoming product

The first product from Metrio will be a single-element Ambient Light Sensor designed to measure color accurately built using a four-layer implementation of the Lumiense wafer stacking process to eliminate the need for individual channel trim filters.  It will support user-programmable integration and feature a digital output.  It will be available in both packaged device and wafer form.