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ITC-576 Contact Image Sensor Die in Wafer Form

Imagica now has available a contact image sensor product having 576 pixels per die in a 1200 dpi configuration.  It features high sensitivity from 350 to 1050 nm, a global shutter, correlated double sampling, and pixel clock rates up to 40 MHz.  The die is designed to be end ground to facilitate assembly into long scanners for documents of various sizes.  Controls are included to set the resolution at 1200, 600, 400, 300, 200, and 100 dpi and to select the clock mode and type. 

This device is supplied in lots of slightly more than 5,000 die on a 200 mm background wafer in a sealed coin stack container as shown at right.  Users must be experienced in sawing thin wafers and mounting small die.

ITC-576 Die


ITC-576 Wafer

ITC-576 Package

Download preliminary data sheet (PDF)